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Long time victims of EY


10 years childhood friends with EY. Followed EY like a dog behind her whenever they went out and if EY see her blogger friends then will ask her to go somewhere far to wait for her.


EY secretly stalked my blog(for don’t know gawd damn how long, she confessed to me herself on the phone) and also a disguised spammer with the same IP as hers.


Someone stole my sis bare face pic and show to her best friend B & that’s how the lawyer letter and sue thing started by B.


Just because we don’t have fame or look better than her, she depise us and threatened us umpteen times to make us say the word “SORRY” to her for things we did not even do so that she can look like the good person.

Those that know about the saga with me and her best friend B three years back will know they like to use lawyer letter and sue people just to bring people down. In fact I won the court case and her best friend lost. B even told my sis to tell me that this isn’t over as well. I don’t know why they just love to bully people. =\


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