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Sometimes I feel my obvious veins that can be seen through my skin are quite scary! Being fair has it’s pros and cons too. Not forgetting I bruise easily and it will show out damn obvious as well making my skin look so zombiefied. =(




6 responses to “Rant

  1. lili ⋅

    Hi, was a passerby when i saw your comments on miyake blog about elaineyuki. In fact, im blur about the twitter but yet was curious about it. Is she your friend or what? i always thought she seems like a good, kind and humble girl but i was wrong after i saw miyake post. Does you know did she have to compensate her ex-company for being kick out of the group? Curious~~~~~~ Couldn’t log on to her blog as it is currently unavailable. Done too much evil act?

    • Hi, it’s normal for you to be blur about the twitter war cause it’s between me, Jessica, Ey and Miyake. Well the three of us were victims of Ey and many of you would have known by now what kind of person Ey is alr. She loves making up untrue stuffs about people, she easily gets jealous with the people she feel is pretty(in her opinion), she loves to lie and act as another person to defend for her. Do you know she has many fake twitter accounts following her? If you go check it up, most of the accounts have no dps, few tweets, little followers or totally no followers or tweets at all. =\ Nope she was never my friend but we were acquaintances before. Last time we talked a bit only that kind. Hmm about the compensation I’m not too sure but normally contracted stuffs have its consequences. She closed down her blog lol, she’s too humiliated by her wrong doings. Hopefully she learns her lesson, it will do society a big help. =)

  2. lili ⋅

    I see… Nope, I do not have twitters acc, don’t know how it works haha. Have you seen her parents before? She is kind of secretive about not blogging her family stuffs. I’m curious about her mixed bloods thingy, unsure is she lying or not. She may not be popular with girlfriends but i have seen her instagram, more likely she is on well term with guys, with a guy giving her a TED teddy which i asked the pricing outside and it costs $99 -.-. Normal friend will give a teddy bear without any occasion meh? Who is jessica btw?

    • Haha alright then. Nope I’m not close to her till that extent. I know that she’s staying at amk area and her hdb is quite old type. Yup she has a lot of guy friends and her person always like to chop guys money ask them do this and that for her. Haha I think she’s seeing this guy called Benjamin now and heard he’s rich. =) Her standard for guys must own vehicles one, Jessica was her long time childhood friend which she treated like dirt tsk! Lol you seems to detest her too.

  3. lili ⋅

    Yup. At first, im browsing through her blog and i was like… Not bad, quite pretty and nice girl but i was like wtf after reading miyake blog. Never judge a bk by its cover or never judge a person personality by a blog haha… See her new room, i still thought she live in a good big house cos her room seems big. Obviously she will be seeing your blog that what u have posted about u and her… Seems like u are ready to so-called ‘pick fight’ with her? This kind of people who treated her friends like dirts just simply can just f*** off and wait for her retribution

    • I’m really glad Miyake wrote that entry about her, she needs to learn and stop thinking she can always escape her wrong doings. Yeah! Never judge anyone on the surface especially those that look sweet, they’re normally the ones with black hearts. If she’s rich, she won’t resort into cheap methods to get what she wants alr. Haha I’m not afraid of her, she’s NOTHING to me. Yup karma alr befell on her and she closed down her blog is an act of acknowledging defeat. =) It would be fun if I could screen shot the tweet she apologized to me, Jessica and Miyake but too bad she deleted that fake twitter acct @PopDdve lols.

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