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I don’t have a photoshop program and I can differentiate the difference between a photoshopped pic and a non-photoshopped pic. But some people just can’t differentiate, weird right? I mean, I don’t expect anyone to agree with my judgment but I’m just really curious over other’s perspective. Here are some of my favourite celebrities pics with photohop and without photohop side by side.


Tyra Banks. As you can see, even a dark skinned person can look fair ( not white , white is the shade of her bra ) with the magic of photoshop.


Scarlett Johansson. See how white she is after photoshop? Her left shoulder is also another evident proof that this pic is photoshopped. Humans skin tones consist of yellow tone, pinkish tone, brown tone, dark brown tone and black tone. See this wrong example chart below.

skin chart

I’m sure everyone knows how white colour look like right? If some of you are still clueless or acting dumb then let me elaborate for you, white is the background colour of this chart above. So isn’t it that fair should be used on the category above “Ivory”?

Right, so there is no white skin tone, only fair skin tone. Misuse of words can really confuse its real meaning. =\


Look at how sharp/dark are her hair, eyebrows, eyes, eye whites, eyeliner and overall features after photoshop? Not forgetting her flawless skin. On this pic, her skin tone wasn’t photoshopped that much compared to Scarlet’s pic above which explains the not so white skin tone lol. Nonetheless, she still looks amazing without that photoshop.


Also, photoshop can make a person from thin to fat and vice versa. Most men should use their brains more on logical things.


It could also make a person look old! Amazing right?


Last but not least, Madonna. Left side of her face is photohopped. Her face and skin look more firm/lifted, eyeball colour changed to blue, flawless skin, look younger and don’t miss out that white skin tone. ( haha I feel funny writing that but it’s the fact only photoshop can make one’s skin look WHITE. ) Fair skin = the lightest of yellowish or pinkish skin tones. White skin = paper sheet white. In other words, one should term the person as fair and not white cause there’s a difference right? *slaps forehead*


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