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A person should never push their limits too far, they will never know who they’re messing with. Sad case for me and sis, we always encounter people who likes to twist and turn stories around putting words into our mouths.

Seriously, we had always been very nice to people until they stepped on our tails and we will handle things fairly. Why people love to take advantage of us still remains a mystery. =\ Some can even push the blame to us just to cover their backsides. Why are all these people so gutless? Owning up to their mistakes seem like a damn scary thing to them. Oh well. After all the evil doings of these people, being nasty is the only option left. And from all these harms inflicted on us, it’s not surprising why people that don’t know us well hate us except for our friends.

We can’t control what people wanna say but what we can do is to stand up for ourselves. Also we can close one eye, keep secrets and give chances for people but will turn nasty if there’s a need to. Also we always show evidence out and this will make people see us as trouble makers but well, what can we do? If we keep silent, aren’t we giving these people advantage to look like the angels and help them take responsibility of their wrong doings? Talk who can’t am I right?

Is always these evil people that can’t bring out solid evidence against us, they only use their mouths to show evidence. -.- Seriously what is this?! Evidence should be action proofed and not by words. Gee. So before you people start judging us, pls understand why being nasty is essential to us. People always find trouble for us FIRST, we just help keep the ball rolling.


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