FInal Decision

Hey all, I’ve finally made up my mind to continue using tumblr instead of wordpress. See you all there. =)



We all wear masks, everyone, everyday, and sometimes we wear them too much, we forget who we really are. And sometimes if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we wanna be, who we should be, you are not that someone for me.


A person should never push their limits too far, they will never know who they’re messing with. Sad case for me and sis, we always encounter people who likes to twist and turn stories around putting words into our mouths.

Seriously, we had always been very nice to people until they stepped on our tails and we will handle things fairly. Why people love to take advantage of us still remains a mystery. =\ Some can even push the blame to us just to cover their backsides. Why are all these people so gutless? Owning up to their mistakes seem like a damn scary thing to them. Oh well. After all the evil doings of these people, being nasty is the only option left. And from all these harms inflicted on us, it’s not surprising why people that don’t know us well hate us except for our friends.

We can’t control what people wanna say but what we can do is to stand up for ourselves. Also we can close one eye, keep secrets and give chances for people but will turn nasty if there’s a need to. Also we always show evidence out and this will make people see us as trouble makers but well, what can we do? If we keep silent, aren’t we giving these people advantage to look like the angels and help them take responsibility of their wrong doings? Talk who can’t am I right?

Is always these evil people that can’t bring out solid evidence against us, they only use their mouths to show evidence. -.- Seriously what is this?! Evidence should be action proofed and not by words. Gee. So before you people start judging us, pls understand why being nasty is essential to us. People always find trouble for us FIRST, we just help keep the ball rolling.

Hidden makeup secrets reveal

What’s the difference between a primer and a liquid/cream/mousse foundation? A primer which is also called a “makeup base” is used/applied after your daily moisturiser to set and hold your powder foundation for hours concealing your bare look. How it works by concealing your flaws? See pics below (btw pics below are all taken from the net >.<)


Let’s start off with the hands, as you can see on the left with primer/makeup base, it brightens and evens out your skin tone.


Now let’s go on to the face, on the right with primer/makeup base not only it brightens and evens out your skin tone, it makes you look more refresh/awake and fairer too!  Also note that it has lesser coverage compared to liquid/cream/mousse foundations. It works very well for people with dry skin.

What flaws does primer/makeup base help to hide? It evens out skin tone hiding your dull bare complexion, covers minor redness at the sides of your nose or mouth, minimizes blemishes and pores(make blemishes and pores look less noticeable) which explains that flawless natural looking complexion.

In many cases, people are always fooled by a person’s skin condition as good and blessed with natural beauty after applying primer/makeup base.



Next is liquid/cream/mousse foundation, amazing right? It conceals all the flaws on your face without using a concealer! Okay, to those who are confused let me explain a little more. A concealer is another makeup tool that is commonly used for concealing your dark eye rings, eye bags or any redness on your face. Often this concealer tool is used if one wants her makeup to look light and natural. But with liquid/cream/mousse foundation, you can skip the concealer part as it can conceal every flaws on your face without much hassle. This liquid/cream/mousse foundation works very well on dry skin too.

What flaws does liquid/cream/mousse foundation help to hide? It evens out skin tone hiding your dull bare complexion, covers redness at the sides of your nose or mouth, hides blemishes and conceal  pores(prevent pores from being known or noticed) which explains that flawless smooth complexion.

Thick makeups which are contributed by liquid/cream/mousse foundation are essential for people with very bad skin conditions like severe dark eye rings, severe eyebags, severe blemishes, very dull skin tone, acne prone skin, large pores and are not blessed with good looks. See this video below.


As you can see dry skin has more benefits to makeup than oily skin, but people with dry skins wrinkle faster and will form more wrinkles compared to people with oily skins as they age.

Yup, so this is all that I can think of for now and if anyone who disagree with me can feel free to correct me. =)


I don’t have a photoshop program and I can differentiate the difference between a photoshopped pic and a non-photoshopped pic. But some people just can’t differentiate, weird right? I mean, I don’t expect anyone to agree with my judgment but I’m just really curious over other’s perspective. Here are some of my favourite celebrities pics with photohop and without photohop side by side.


Tyra Banks. As you can see, even a dark skinned person can look fair ( not white , white is the shade of her bra ) with the magic of photoshop.


Scarlett Johansson. See how white she is after photoshop? Her left shoulder is also another evident proof that this pic is photoshopped. Humans skin tones consist of yellow tone, pinkish tone, brown tone, dark brown tone and black tone. See this wrong example chart below.

skin chart

I’m sure everyone knows how white colour look like right? If some of you are still clueless or acting dumb then let me elaborate for you, white is the background colour of this chart above. So isn’t it that fair should be used on the category above “Ivory”?

Right, so there is no white skin tone, only fair skin tone. Misuse of words can really confuse its real meaning. =\


Look at how sharp/dark are her hair, eyebrows, eyes, eye whites, eyeliner and overall features after photoshop? Not forgetting her flawless skin. On this pic, her skin tone wasn’t photoshopped that much compared to Scarlet’s pic above which explains the not so white skin tone lol. Nonetheless, she still looks amazing without that photoshop.


Also, photoshop can make a person from thin to fat and vice versa. Most men should use their brains more on logical things.


It could also make a person look old! Amazing right?


Last but not least, Madonna. Left side of her face is photohopped. Her face and skin look more firm/lifted, eyeball colour changed to blue, flawless skin, look younger and don’t miss out that white skin tone. ( haha I feel funny writing that but it’s the fact only photoshop can make one’s skin look WHITE. ) Fair skin = the lightest of yellowish or pinkish skin tones. White skin = paper sheet white. In other words, one should term the person as fair and not white cause there’s a difference right? *slaps forehead*