Made from thousands of gummy bears!


Secret society teach some men like this: “women are to be toyed and not to be loved, once you hurt them then make them earn money for you”. Wtf seriously, I just come to my senses about a few guys I came across that treat their gfs like this. Loser much.


Baby sleeping like a pig now… So bored… Woke up at 10 plus till now simply playing games and surfing twitter. I have to head down to school later on to run some errands -.-
Hmm more challenges are coming my way and I know I can defeat it.

Love, Tiffany


I really don’t wanna be mean and negative but some people ought to be reprimanded. Well, i just saw someone wrote something few months ago and it really made my toes laugh. Why? He thinks i will read his things everyday hahaha! Look at yourself first before assuming too alright? =) You have no followers at all, so who’s the one who don’t have friends? You think only you can gossip and make fun at my back? You don’t know what me and my friends gossiped and joked about you behind your back so don’t be so happy lol, only stupid people like you will judge things on the surface every time. I guilty what?! A famous blogger exposed that person alr so tell me how untrue are my words?! Knn chao Babi Malay faggot! You look worse than me la and still wanna aim high standard girls? I no makeup also got guys admire leh, what can you do about it? I know how you look like k and i can confidently say you look HIDEOUS! Your face type I see alr only make me feel like puking! You go find a dark skinned girl and ogle everyday la, suit your breed. =) Think you’re an assistant manager then can win her? Look at your freaking face first la, you think she will fall for you ah haha. Your overall also fail la. Oh and just because i talked back to your “goddess” means i’m jealous?! Seriously think bigger, stop being a shallow fuck. If she didn’t do bad things to me first, i won’t even wanna bother about her or maybe i will like her very much as a supporter. I wish you best of rotten luck and hope your dick malfunction. ✌


Was on a short getaway on Sunday until today and seriously it’s not enough… Once I reached back home, I just on my laptop for a while and got really bored… Bored till activated my mood swing. =\ Hate it when that happens. Why is sg so boring? Boring… BORING!!! Okay I’m starting to sound boring so I shouldn’t bore myself further bye.