Walking happily into a pet store and greeted with adorable eyes from lovable puppies, but we don’t know that owners bought it from people who abuse their mother dogs fertility to give birth as many times as they can to produce puppies for money!
Please help stop this ruthless action!


Beware of Vain Beauty located at Far East Plaza if you’re thinking of having your hair extend, supposed to be 5 thin strands to form 1 whole strand but at Vain Beauty their 3 thin strands form 1 whole strand which makes your hair look thinner compare to the other shops.

I did 100 free 100 strands and my hair is thin like f**k. Damn cheat my money cause my friend’s hair is slightly thicker than mine when hers is also 200 strands total!!! My friend did at another place though. I swear never to go back Vain Beauty ever again!!!


I just saw this! -.-




I was thinking if I should continue blogging here or on my tumblr? My posts won’t be that wordy and is more to pictures though. =x

Oh ya I’d cut my hair short and is growing pretty fast! Can’t wait for my hair to grow long again, urghhh nvm patience is a virtue! =)